Serang Trade Center Now Attracts Consumers


City ​​of Serang,

Serang Trade Center (STC) which is located in Drangong Environment, Taktakan District, Serang City, is currently in demand by consumers, especially micro, small and medium traders in Serang City, Banten Province.

This was emphasized by the Chairman of the Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (PMKM) of Serang City, Fatihudin, SE, through the Deputy Chairman of PMKM, M. Dachlan, to the media crew, recently. According to him, currently, 100 of the 230 stand at STC have sold.

In the future, he continued, the remaining stalls at STC are expected to be sold out. This is because the consumer’s enthusiasm is so great to sell products and goods at STC Drangong, Taktakan District, Serang City.

Dachlan said that his party will try to help traders to market various types of products and goods. “PMKM Serang City, will help micro, small and medium entrepreneurs to market products and goods to be sold to consumers at STC”, he explained.

Dachlan added, during the holy month of Ramadan, the plan is for culinary traders who used to sell their wares at the Islamic Center in Serang City, to be moved near the parking area, precisely in front of STC.

“Later, culinary traders will be placed in front of STC. So that during the holy month of Ramadan, STC will be more crowded with culinary traders. So that consumers will have many choices of food to buy,” he said.

Report : Uci Sanusi.

Editor In Chief : Hairuzaman.




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